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It costs 5 times more to get a new customer than it does to get repeat business from a satisfied existing customer. Although it costs a lot of money to hire people, it costs even more money to hire the wrong person. 73% of customers state they give up on a brand due to rude or incompetent service. AcuMax provides great customer service. Are your employees wired to succeed in customer service?

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The AcuMax Index is helping organizations of all sizes to hire the right people, develop high-performance teams and build an organizational culture that dramatically increases retention, job satisfaction and performance.

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Catherine Revord

Senior Vice President, University Bank

AcuMax Creates Alignment and a High Performing Culture

Kris Davidson

Talent Acq, MRM Worldwide

Find Critical Talent Within the Organization with AcuMax

Scott Wiltsie

HR Manager, Vanamatic

Specialized Workforce Development With AcuMax Speeds Growth

Deanna Tafelski

Project Manager, EDSI

AcuMax for Communication, Coaching & Counseling

Will Wallace

Manager, SAT Plating

AcuMax Improves the Bottom Line for Project Managers

Richard Seim

EVP, Michigan Petroleum Technologies

AcuMax Index Helps Build Organizational Effectiveness

Teresa Stuenkel

EVP, Liberty Title

Better Hires, Better Communication Leads to Higher Productivity

Terry Cramer

Owner/Franchisee, CPR (Cell Phone Repair)

AcuMax Index Will Eliminating Employee Turnover

Randy Brodzik

Pres., RedViking Engineering

Building Highly Effective Teams and Resolving Conflicts

Robert Holland

Chairman, Vistage Michigan

CEOs Use AcuMax to Achieve Higher Growth, Reduce Risk

Add Insight and Consistency to Your Company

Hire the Right People for the Right Position

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