Culture and the AcuMax Echo

Defining Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion can help make workplaces strong and effective. Diversity encompasses race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, socio-economic status, and physical disability. Some employers also consider other personality traits and beliefs to be part of diversity as well. Inclusion is an element of the culture of your workplace, it is how welcoming your company culture is to all employees. The two elements must go together, having a diverse workplace doesn’t matter if your culture doesn’t support inclusion. When it comes to culture, perception and reality can be very different and it takes looking at data to learn whether your company culture is built around inclusion.


How AcuMax Echo Defines Culture

AcuMax Echo gives you the data that you need to look objectively at your workplace culture. Echo helps you learn about the reality of what your company culture is and gives actionable results to help you understand your work culture. A culture survey will give you the wiring of your organization and show you the gaps between the culture you want and the culture your employees perceive currently exists. Echo will show you the areas that are most important and areas that would benefit most from improvement. In addition to giving insight into the company culture, Echo will also let you know how employees prefer to be motivated.


AcuMax Echo is Easy to Use

AcuMax Echo is more than a typical culture survey, it is a proprietary process designed to replace your annual or semi-annual employee engagement or satisfaction survey. The survey is conducted electronically and is quick and easy for your employees to use.