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How to Motivate Employees as a Manager

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What Motivates Your Employees? Were you ever paid to perform some household chore when you were young? Many children have received an allowance in exchange for mowing the lawn, taking out the garbage or cleaning their room. How enthused were you about doing that job? Probably not very, until you were reminded that you would…more

Highly Engaged Teams

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“What sets AcuMax apart is the technology…able to produce different reports…the average pattern report allows me to make quick decisions without getting lost in the individual profile data.” Chris McCollum, Special Programs Advisor at AcuMax, Inc. explains how AcuMax makes it easy to lead highly engaged teams. “One problem a lot of organizations are experiencing…more

AcuMax Helps Resolve People Issues in the Workplace

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I’ve been in the assessment industry for over 14 years, but people have always fascinated me throughout my entire lifetime In the workplace, we work to help resolve people issues that undermine an organization reaching it’s full potential. Often, managers will turn to personality assessments to understand how to manage their people issues. While I…more

Knowing Human Wiring Improves Employee Motivation

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In every industry that involves people we make a positive impact The first area where we make that impact is employee motivation in the workplace, by developing a wiring pattern profile for a particular position within that organization. All jobs have a specific wiring pattern. We can go one step deeper and say, “Is this person…more

What Does Human Wiring Tell Us About People?

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Human beings by our very nature are very complicated beings We have all sorts of characteristics and attributes that define us. One of the interesting aspects is our unique wiring pattern. Wiring is born in us. It begins to emerge at about age one and a half to two years old, and it stays with…more

Tool for Hiring and for Employee Motivation

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AcuMax is an Effective Tool for Hiring and Employee Motivation What would your business be like if you had no 5s or 6s (out of 10) within your organization? What if every employee in your organization was an 8, a 9 or a 10? What would that do for your work and for your bottom…more