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How Turnover is Linked to Hiring Practices

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Business owners and managers all agree that turnover can be a massive waste of time and resources. So how to reduce employee turnover? Leaders around the world are constantly looking for ways to improve hiring efficiency, and many agree that additional screening before hiring is one of the key strategies to reduce employee turnover. But…more

Having Challenges in Talent Acquisition?

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No matter what industry you’re in, finding the right people with the specialized skills you need to get the job done right can be a downright challenge And it’s critical to your company’s success. The recent recession found many workers in skilled trades unemployed, with the manufacturing sector hit especially hard. A lot of those…more

The Cost of Hiring The Wrong Person

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Do you know how much it costs your company to hire an employee, train them, and then replace that employee if they do not work out? How about repairing any damaged relationships this individual may have caused with customers or even other co-workers? It costs five times more to find a new customer than it…more

Hiring the Wrong Person Costs What?

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Avoid the Cost of Hiring the Wrong Employee The costs of hiring the wrong person include: replacement costs risk & liability Damaged customer relationships 86% of customers who had a bad experience with a company will not do business with them again, but only 4% ever report that unsatisfactory experience. 40% of customers said improved…more

Pre-employment Assessment Improves Employee Retention

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Pre-employment assessments improve employee retention at Lima-area companies AcuMax client, Vanamatic in Lima, Ohio built their skilled trades workforce from the ground up using the AcuMax Index. Because workers with the right skills were very hard to find in their small community, they hired and trained new employees in the skills they needed for the…more

AcuMax Helps Resolve People Issues in the Workplace

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I’ve been in the assessment industry for over 14 years, but people have always fascinated me throughout my entire lifetime In the workplace, we work to help resolve people issues that undermine an organization reaching it’s full potential. Often, managers will turn to personality assessments to understand how to manage their people issues. While I…more

Why CEOs Choose AcuMax for Employee Selection

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What’s the Biggest Reason CEOs Choose AcuMax? The market has responded incredibly well to the AcuMax Index®. We have had phenomenal growth over a very short period of time. Why? We objectively solve a problem in most organizations. The AcuMax Index is rapidly becoming the “go-to” tool for CEOs and human resources executives because we have…more

Lower Employee Turnover – Develop, Promote

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Identifying what career development and promotion methods work best for an individual employee can be accomplished by knowing how the employee is wired Matching the wiring profile of a promotable employee with the wiring profile of the position he or she might be promoted into can be the difference between career development and a career ending…more