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Highly Effective Team or Free-for-All?

| Natural Wiring

Highly Effective Team or Free-for-All? You Choose. Leadership teams function best when team members disagree, dispute, and deviate with one another.   Leadership teams can also fall apart when members disagree, dispute, and deviate.   So, how can both team scenarios work together? In this article we discuss how listening to and understanding opposing viewpoints is facilitated…more

Having Challenges in Talent Acquisition?

| Employee Retention

No matter what industry you’re in, finding the right people with the specialized skills you need to get the job done right can be a downright challenge And it’s critical to your company’s success. The recent recession found many workers in skilled trades unemployed, with the manufacturing sector hit especially hard. A lot of those…more

What Motivates You at Work?

| Natural Wiring

Business leaders describe their AcuMax profiles and how their “drivers” affect them day to day. Murray: “I’m a high A and a high D. It helps me to be driven and move forward. D is about detail and structure. In my organization for example, we’ve got a lot of high Cs and some low Ds,…more