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What Keeps You Up at Night?

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Coaching Tips for Success at Work Human Resources Executive recently released survey results of the three biggest HR challenges that organizations face today. At the top of the list: Ensuring employees remain engaged and productive – 33.1% Attracting and retaining diverse talent – 30% Only 2% of those surveyed rated employee morale and engagement extremely…more

War Stories | All the signs weren’t there

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Sign Language – Don’t Lie on Job Applications I reviewed several resumes for an open admin position when I noticed one candidate listed a qualification: “Fluent in American Sign Language.” Although it had no relevance to the job, it caught my attention as I had taken several courses in ASL many years earlier. ASL is a…more

Highly Effective Team or Free-for-All?

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Highly Effective Team or Free-for-All? You Choose. Leadership teams function best when team members disagree, dispute, and deviate with one another.   Leadership teams can also fall apart when members disagree, dispute, and deviate.   So, how can both team scenarios work together? In this article we discuss how listening to and understanding opposing viewpoints is facilitated…more

How to Develop a High Performing Workforce from Any Talent Pool

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Two of the most expensive words any business owner can say are: “You’re fired.” Donald Trump made a fortune using these words, and he turned firing people into entertainment. But, in the real world, losing an employee disrupts the company’s stability and erodes its competitive edge. In this article, we will introduce you to a…more

Sales Hunter or Sales Farmer?

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Should You Hire a Sales Hunter or Sales Farmer? The Answer Will Determine Your Sales Performance A Brief Case Study “A few members of our leadership team doubted there was a difference between sales farmers and sales hunters … there is no doubt now!” What type of salesperson produces the most revenue in your business? Do you need hunters,…more

Having Challenges in Talent Acquisition?

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No matter what industry you’re in, finding the right people with the specialized skills you need to get the job done right can be a downright challenge And it’s critical to your company’s success. The recent recession found many workers in skilled trades unemployed, with the manufacturing sector hit especially hard. A lot of those…more

The Cost of Hiring The Wrong Person

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Do you know how much it costs your company to hire an employee, train them, and then replace that employee if they do not work out? How about repairing any damaged relationships this individual may have caused with customers or even other co-workers? It costs five times more to find a new customer than it…more

Hiring the Wrong Person Costs What?

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Avoid the Cost of Hiring the Wrong Employee The costs of hiring the wrong person include: replacement costs risk & liability Damaged customer relationships 86% of customers who had a bad experience with a company will not do business with them again, but only 4% ever report that unsatisfactory experience. 40% of customers said improved…more