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Workforce Development

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Build a Workforce That Works! Why do 46% of new hires fail (national average)? Why is the average rate of turnover 22% (even when the unemployment rate is high)? The cost of turnover is high (typically 20% of the annual salary of an employee being replaced.) Why is it that CEOs estimate that 40% of…more

AcuMax Helps Resolve People Issues in the Workplace

| Employee Engagement

I’ve been in the assessment industry for over 14 years, but people have always fascinated me throughout my entire lifetime In the workplace, we work to help resolve people issues that undermine an organization reaching it’s full potential. Often, managers will turn to personality assessments to understand how to manage their people issues. While I…more

Knowing Human Wiring Improves Employee Motivation

| Employee Engagement

In every industry that involves people we make a positive impact The first area where we make that impact is employee motivation in the workplace, by developing a wiring pattern profile for a particular position within that organization. All jobs have a specific wiring pattern. We can go one step deeper and say, “Is this person…more

Why CEOs Choose AcuMax for Employee Selection

| Business Acumen

What’s the Biggest Reason CEOs Choose AcuMax? The market has responded incredibly well to the AcuMax Index®. We have had phenomenal growth over a very short period of time. Why? We objectively solve a problem in most organizations. The AcuMax Index is rapidly becoming the “go-to” tool for CEOs and human resources executives because we have…more

Improving Business Acumen with AcuMax

| Business Acumen

Developing Business Acumen is the Essence of the AcuMax Index The Oxford English Dictionary defines business acumen as “the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions regarding business situations.” No aspect of business is more important than understanding people and how to effectively communicate. The ability to make good judgments about the people you…more

What is the AcuMax Index?

| Employee Engagement

What is the AcuMax Index®? How is it Different from a Personality Assessment? The AcuMax Index® is unique. Although we are considered a personality assessment, there is no other assessment that objectively measures and reports on human wiring. We look at every unique profile in a very objective manner. We give simple, easy tools to…more

What is the ROI with Employee Selection?

| Employee Engagement

What is the ROI with Employee Selection with the AcuMax Index®? The results across organizations using the AcuMax Index varies, of course, depending on the problem being addressed. Employee selection is one of the core uses for the AcuMax Index, but many of our clients report increased productivity, increased sales and reduced turnover costs that…more

What Does Human Wiring Tell Us About People?

| Employee Motivation

Human beings by our very nature are very complicated beings We have all sorts of characteristics and attributes that define us. One of the interesting aspects is our unique wiring pattern. Wiring is born in us. It begins to emerge at about age one and a half to two years old, and it stays with…more