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AcuMax Training and Employee Engagement

| Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Training & Improvement What Big “Ah-Ha” in AcuMax Training Improves Employee Engagement? The training sessions that I conduct typically consist of two half days of training where we perform a deep dive into idea flow, communication channels, work styles and the decision making process within an organization. Frequently my classes will contain co-workers…more

Leadership Team Development

| Business Acumen

Awareness of Wiring Helps Leadership Team Development We gave a presentation recently to a senior leadership team of a large insurance company considering leadership team development. The senior leadership team consists of individuals who were “no-holds barred, communicate at all costs, and leave no stone unturned, nor any bodies in the wake individuals within their organization.…more

Conflict Resolution Methods

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AcuMax can provide a channel to resolve conflict between two employees and improve employee engagement. Ed Fisher, a consultant for AcuMax, comments: I would say the most exciting result that I’ve seen from a client that I’ve worked with is the better atmosphere and camaraderie fostered within the workplace. The learning achieved acts to resolve…more

Tool for Hiring and for Employee Motivation

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AcuMax is an Effective Tool for Hiring and Employee Motivation What would your business be like if you had no 5s or 6s (out of 10) within your organization? What if every employee in your organization was an 8, a 9 or a 10? What would that do for your work and for your bottom…more

CEOs Reducing Risk

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“I would highly recommend the AcuMax tool, and do, for every CEO that I interact with. I think it’s a tool that a CEO cannot do without.” CEOs Achieved Higher Growth, Reduce Risk Robert Holland, Ph.D., Chairman, Vistage Michigan – Private Advisory Boards for CEOs, Executives and Business Owners I would highly recommend the AcuMax…more

Staffing a New Business

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“I’ve used the AcuMax Index since I started CPR more than a year ago. During that time, I’ve had zero turnover.” Making Critical Business Decisions Terry Cramer, Owner/Franchisee, CPR (Cell Phone Repair) In my business as with many businesses, one of the problems you have is with staffing. Employee turnover can be extremely detrimental to…more

Creating a Workforce

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“In the past it would take us 4 to 7 years to get people trained to the skill levels we need. Currently using AcuMax, we’re taking anywhere from 9 to 14 months…” Specialized Workforce Development in a Small Rural Community Scott Wiltsie, Human Resources Manager, Vanamatic Being in manufacturing in the small town of Delphos, Ohio,…more

Lower Employee Turnover – Develop, Promote

| Employee Turnover

Identifying what career development and promotion methods work best for an individual employee can be accomplished by knowing how the employee is wired Matching the wiring profile of a promotable employee with the wiring profile of the position he or she might be promoted into can be the difference between career development and a career ending…more