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Hire High Performers

| Business Acumen

“It’s been an excellent tool all the way around for us. We see much lower turnover as a result of this in the firms.” Hire High Performers, Lower Turnover Robert Holland, Ph.D., Chairman, Vistage Michigan – Private Advisory Boards for CEOs, Executives and Business Owners We’ve seen several things happening from using the AcuMax tool.…more

AcuMax at Home

| Client Success Stories

Not Just for Business, AcuMax Brings Peace at Home Theresa Parker, Executive Vice President, Liberty Title You don’t know what a difference this made at our house. We have a father that is a very high A, where everything is his way and he likes to talk a lot. He’s very impatient and provides very little details. He…more

Lower Employee Turnover – Communicate

| Employee Turnover

Knowing how an employee is naturally wired gives you the ability to communicate with him or her in such a way that your message can be clearly understood and positively received The benefits of positive workplace communication between managers and employees are higher engagement and lower employee turnover. Some people need time to think and…more

Employee Engagement

| Client Success Stories

How to Improve Employee Engagement Lila Asante-Appiah, Senior Director, HR Administrative Client Services & Organizational Development Wayne State University A common problem I guess I would identify at Wayne State was really around and currently is around trying to get the best out of the talent that they have, and getting everyone within the particular…more

Lower Employee Turnover – Hire for Wiring

| Employee Turnover

During the recruiting and hiring process, make sure you find out how a promising candidate is wired before offering him or her the job Interviews, reference checks and resumes are all important parts of the hiring process, but without an understanding of a candidate’s true nature, as revealed by their wiring, a decision to hire…more

Lower Employee Turnover – Workplace Conflict

| Employee Turnover

Knowing how employees are wired can be a tremendous advantage when dealing with employee conflicts in the workplace Often conflict is caused by miscommunication or misinterpretation. People with different wiring profiles can easily see situations differently and come into conflict. When this happens, if each party to the conflict recognizes that he or she is…more

Lower Employee Turnover – Motivate by Wiring

| Employee Turnover

People are motivated by different things – not everyone is motivated by money or power Wiring enables us to understand the subtle aspects of motivation, and meet an employee’s needs from that standpoint. AcuMax provides a “mini-management guide” on every person in the organization — motivators, communication style and engagement in decision making! It is…more

AcuMax Benefits a Community

| Client Success Stories

Not Just for Business, AcuMax Benefits a Whole Community Scott Wiltsie, Human Resources Manager, Vanamatic Being from a small community, we live in a community of about 6,000, we try to have as big of an impact on the community as we can. One of the huge benefits of AcuMax is we’ve used it with…more