What Is Pre Employment Testing?

Pre Employment Assessment Testing

No matter the quality of the goods and services you offer or how innovative your business model is, your enterprise is only as good as your employees. Finding the right workers can be a real challenge, especially for those immersed in competitive industries. A careful screening process while hiring ensures you’ll find the best and brightest employees, but it can also help you find a suitable match in terms of personality. Background checks, drug testing, and knowledge assessments are all vital components of the larger pre employment testing process. AcuMax Index® offers a suite of tests that not only vet incoming employees but also allow you to re-engage existing workers. While beneficial, it’s important that employers utilize these assessments conscientiously. The following are just a few basics to keep in mind.

What’s Included in a Pre Employment Assessment Test?

Establishing a worker’s knowledgebase is crucial before hiring. A resume only goes so far in communicating a person’s abilities, and it’s possible that some applicants exaggerate or falsify information in order to gain an advantage over others. Testing an applicant on the exact knowledge applicable to the position provides verification of their abilities. As a result, it allows management to make informed decisions regarding unqualified candidates.

Of course, that just one facet of pre employment testing. Employee assessments can also evaluate intelligence, workplace compatibility, ethics, physical ability, and thinking skills. Additionally, some jobs require drug screening for illicit substances. Background checks are also common, and these look into a person’s criminal record as well as their financial standing.

What Is a Pre Employment Personality Test?

Personality is another pertinent, yet often forgotten, factor when hiring. Every business has its own unique culture and finding workers that fit into your distinct company culture prevents clashes and lost productivity. Unfortunately, many employers fail to account for personality when screening applicants. While it’s definitely important to assess whether a worker is qualified from a skills perspective, personality is an essential component of a successful workplace.

For instance, a test may propose imaginary scenarios to see how an applicant would react. This provides insight into communication or disciplinary style, as well as value systems and ethical foundations. Remember, these personality traits have real-life implications and often directly impact the success of your enterprise. If you forgo personality testing, you miss out on vital data that can inform your hiring decisions.

What Should Employers Be Wary Of?

While the above information clearly demonstrates the value of employment testing, workplaces must tread carefully when using assessments. One major issue involves compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). If a company’s assessment process is challenged in court, violations of state, local, or federal law will direly impact your business’s future. Fortunately, many test makers are acutely aware of this, so they strive to make all assessments EEOC compliant.

Other legal issues can arise if testing if challenged by an applicant. It’s important that a business is able to show test results directly correlate to the outcome, meaning that a person who receives a poor test result will have also done poorly in the position. This component gives testing validity and prevents a company from being accused of unfair hiring practices. Results should also be consistent. For example, a candidate taking the same test twice should receive similar results each time.

Does My Business Need Employment Testing?

How can you optimize the hunt for highly skilled and personable workers? AcuMax Index® has a range of solutions that allow you to pinpoint that most suitable individual for the position, without wasting money or time training workers that will ultimately end up moving on. If you need help finding workers that fit into your company’s culture, AcuMax Echo might be the right product for you. You can also access their Five Minute Survey for a firsthand glimpse at how this system works.