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AcuMax is the Competitive Advantage

AcuMax is the premier solution for your needs!

- Reducing turnover
- Finding the “right” person
- Hiring sales people who actually sell
We deliver results for your organization that is easier and more cost effective than other solutions.

AcuMax is the competitive advantage over subscription and per person programs

AcuMax is the best of all worlds. We know what employers want, so we know what to offer. The market has become saturated with various hiring assessments with unclear goals and outcomes. AcuMax is direct and clear. Make better hires, reduce turnover, save time and money, and gain the competitive advantage in your business.

Training in only 2 half days. We know you have better things to do than sit through days of training

Intuitive and easy-to-use software.

Client input prompted 80% of our software features.

Can be used with applicants, employees, vendors, customers, and family.

AcuMax offers unlimited usage.  Relationships do not stop at the end of the business day!

Flat fee, affordable workshops to learn AcuMax. Workshop fee is normally less than what other companies charge for a single attendee.
Outstanding customer service. With other companies you may wait hours or days for a response. Our clients say:

Cognitive skills testing is included in the basic client package

Why pay more for a better understanding of your applicants and employees?

AcuMax is value-based.

Our fees are highly competitive and inclusive for the services provided. You don’t pay extra for reports, job profiles, or to talk to our consultants. We want you to gain value from our products and services without upcharges.

AcuMax job profiles are customized to each client's needs. AcuMax doesn't user a

Unlike many other assessments, AcuMax is statistically validated or EEOC compliant.

This is a must for use in pre-hire or screening processes.

For single assessments, you don’t need an external consultant to interpret the results.

AcuMax teaches you everything you need to know. You are the expert!

No per report fees at all. The more you use AcuMax, the lower the per person fee becomes.
results and reports available immediately upon completion. One the AcuMax Index is completed the results are immediate.

AcuMax includes onboarding, coaching, development and conflict resolution information.

AcuMax is an all-inclusive, ongoing employee life-cycle instrument.

Less time, more efficient. Many other per person programs take 20 to 45 minutes to complete.

AcuMax takes only about 5 minutes which is much less employee downtime.

AcuMax is the Competitive Advantage.

Do you like what you're hearing?

Try AcuMax in your own organization, we can do wonders for everyone!

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