Customizable team building.

Conflict within a team can tank its ability to produce results. AcuMax Experience allows you to improve your team performance by replicating the challenges all teams face with facilitated team building workshops. Our workshops are customized based on each person’s assessment results.

Increase your team’s productivity.

Engaged teams are productive and creating engagement is easy when you have the right tools. Get the tools, learn the process, apply what you learned, then share best practices in a facilitated round table with other managers. AcuMax EnGauge teaches you how to make productive teams.

Improve your company culture.

Bridge the gap between the culture you have and the one that you want. AcuMax Echo helps you better understand your workforce and what motivates them, allowing you to build a relatable and engaging culture.

Don’t know where to begin your transformation?
We can help.

You have big goals for your organization, and we can help you achieve them. Whether you’re struggling with a talent strategy, organizational development, or something else entirely.