Team Building

Team Building

Customizable team building allows you to minimize conflict and increase productivity

If your team is having difficulty working together, you will have issues with turnover and productivity. Each team has unique issues, our AcuMax Experience team building is based on your specific team members and their assessment results. Generic team building that isn’t data-driven can result in wasted time and no results.

We have three different team building options:

Lab: easy to administer DIY team building exercises that are designed by AcuMax for you to facilitate with outcomes and deliverables related to your team’s assessment results.

Sim: ½ or full day team building workshops customized and facilitated by AcuMax that simulate crucial moments such as leading a team to find a difficult solution or dealing with problematic customers.

Realtime Strategy: Longer and more intense challenge experiences facilitated by AcuMax, pushing your team performance to the next level.

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