Hiring Assessment

Hire the right person with AcuMax Index

Hiring Assessment

Hire the right person with AcuMax Index

AcuMax Index will let you know whether a candidate is going to be a good fit for your job so you don’t have to worry about whether you’ve made the right choice.

Every person is wired differently, and how we are wired determines which candidates are the best fit for a particular job. AcuMax Index is an assessment that measures how people are wired, using a scientific and statistically valid methodology. By getting access to this data you will have the information you need to know which candidate is the best fit for your job.

Spend less time hiring

Save time now by using assessment data to decide who to interview and who would be the best fit. You’ll spend less time manually weeding out candidates. Save time later by making the right hire the first time, having less turnover and need to fill the same positions.

Customize your onboarding experience to your candidate.

Our statistically valid cognitive reasoning assessment takes only 10 minutes for candidates to complete. You’ll receive an easy-to-understand report that will reduce onboarding time by giving you data about how quickly a candidate will understand the role and responsibilities and where they might have challenges.

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How does this hiring assessment work?

Candidates take the assessment, which is a 5 minute survey

Interview the candidates whose results best align with the job

Make a confident hire

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