5 Minutes Now – A Lifetime of Knowing Yourself Better!

On your journey, choices stand in front of you and the path you choose is important. Be less confused, be happier and save time by understanding how to make the most of a transition and what is really right for you…

The AcuMax Index 5-minute assessment will help you, know you! Your 12 custom reports will help bring clarity to:

1. Determine the ideal working environment you will thrive in.
2. How you buy in to new ideas and process communication.
3. Understand your decision-making process.
4. Maximize your unique strengths and have insight to minimize your limitations.
5. Prepare for your interview with interviewing questions that are unique to your wiring.
6. Know “Why” you are you!

Here is how we do it…. Your 12 reports

Adjusted Self – How is your current environment impacting you?
Coaching Tips – Your innate strengths and limitations.
Drive Intensity – The intensity of each of your 4 wiring drives.
Effective Engagement – The environment in which you best function.
Extra Wiring Information – Interesting additional items specific to your wiring.
Goals & Feedback – How you prefer goals to be set and feedback given.
How to Best Interact with Me – Quick recap of your AcuMax wiring pattern.
Impactful Onboarding – Most productive way you are onboarding based on your wiring.
Interview Questions – General questions with additional questions designed for your wiring pattern to have you create a better interview process!
Management & Sales Style – How you operate as a manager or salesperson.
Self-Confidence – Where your self-confidence comes from and how it is best nurtured.
Social Utility – Know how much social interaction you prefer while performing tasks.

Our clients are companies looking for clarity BEFORE making a hiring choice. For a limited time, due to the unprecedented number of people embarking on the journey of what is next for me, we are making our tool available to job seeker too. Individual reports have not been offered before, only a full company assessment. In support of the nationwide unemployment crisis, we are making this tool available to job seekers too. Enjoy the direction, support and ideas as you transition to a new job or career!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions. We are here to help.
Jay Hawreluk
Founder & CEO

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