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What Our Clients Say About Us

“Jay has been fantastic in allowing the use of the AcuMax Index to assist people in our community. It’s been a huge asset for us, our employees, and their families. Probably about 90% of our employee base has taken the assessment with their kids or their wives or their family members.”
Scott Wiltsie, Human Resources Manager, Vanamatic
“I would say, in essence, the AcuMax Index has just been great for creating a common language among our team.”
Arlene Jones, Director of Talent Management, EDSI
I would recommend AcuMax to any company, for use in both hiring and communicating, and I would recommend it even if your job is the head of your household of four teenage children.”
Teresa Parker, Executive Vice President
“I would highly recommend the AcuMax tool, and do, for every CEO that I interact with. I think it’s a tool that a CEO cannot do without.”
Bob Holland, CEO
“…helped us to figure out why we were always fighting…it was just that we are wired differently…it helped us to be more respectful and understand each other.”
Murray Percival, III, General Manager, Murray Percival Company
“…looking at a job  or position change, I can see that this person fits the position and [what] the needs are of the position…it’s very logically done, in a very easy to read format…” 
Randy Brodzik, President, RedViking Engineering
“We were having difficulty with our small staff communicating and decided to investigate why…It was really enlightening.”
Denise Fournier-Tudor, Director of Marketing at Aeroseal
“…communication within the organization has improved significantly. That translates down to a more effective organization…the right people in the right positions…”
Richard Siem, Executive Vice President of Michigan Petroleum Technologies
“It’s a fast-paced environment…now that we have the right people in the key spots, everything has improved.”
Will Wallace, Manager at SAT Plating

Discover and develop the hidden potential in your workforce

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The AcuMax Index is helping organizations of all sizes to hire with confidence, develop high-performance teams and build an organizational culture that dramatically increases retention, job satisfaction and performance.