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Who Benefits from the AcuMax Index?

C-level Executives

130-cooCEOs know that having the right people in key jobs and a high-performance culture that inspires people to go the extra mile – creates true competitive advantage. Business owners and executives concerned with corporate performance rely on the AcuMax Index to help build a talent-rich organization and lay the foundation for ensuring the organization’s culture, strategy and goals are aligned and reinforced. Assessment insights help executive leaders to deploy existing talent more effectively by placing top performers in the jobs with the greatest impact on key decisions.

HR Professionals

130-hr-professionalsThe end goal for every HR professional is an organization made up of satisfied, high-performers who are engaged and motivated, and who contribute to business success. Hiring managers are using the insights from the AcuMax Index to identify and match best-fit candidates for each position. Assessment insights are also used to support organizational culture initiatives, succession planning, leadership development, training, career progression and talent development for existing employees.


130-consultantsThe AcuMax Index is helping managers gain insight into an individual’s fit for a job, a team or even an organization – before they conduct an interview or make an offer. By understanding how individuals are wired – their abilities, interests, motivations and personality – managers become more effective in unlocking the talent and potential in their employees and teams.  Managers and team leaders responsible for assembling and managing high-performing teams quickly become more assured leaders, communicators, coaches and mentors.


130-cfoThe AcuMax Index is used by organizations to support career development and open avenues for employees to reach their full potential.  With insights into how employees at all levels are wired; their motivations, attributes, and leadership potential, a company is better able to offer meaningful opportunities for greater job success, advancement, and satisfaction. Company-wide use of the AcuMax Index can also provide a means to identify, monitor and fix common issues that could result in the loss of personnel, before those issues can cause harm.


130-entreprenuersGreat companies help develop individuals, teams, and leaders that exceed their potential and consistently perform beyond expectation. Business consultants and executive coaches are often called on to provide practical solutions to problems that get in the way of developing that kind of high performance culture. Helping companies hire the right people, identify leadership talent, and cultivate employees for future positions can be accomplished more easily and with greater insight and efficiency when consultants add the AcuMax Index to their toolkit.


130-consultingHiring the right people keeps productivity high and turnover low — two things that are especially critical for the early stages of business growth and for long-term success.  Startup companies and entrepreneurs who want to attract top talent and expand their team use the AcuMax Index to identify key people with a strong fit. The AcuMax Index can help create a structured process that allows an organization to consistently identify best-fit candidates, make better hires in a shorter time, and bring out the best in their existing teams.

Discover and develop the hidden potential in your workforce

Find out how the AcuMax Index can help you more effectively unlock the talent and potential in your employees by understanding how they are wired — and where their abilities, interests and personality make them the best fit and the most successful.  Contact Us or call us today at 844-228-6291.

The AcuMax Index is the only assessment that measures and reports on human wiring -— helping organizations throughout North America and around the globe to identify, select and develop a strong, productive workforce.