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The only pre-employment personality assessment that measures human wiring.

A job candidate may have a perfect resume, the right skill set and the right experience, but until you know how that person is wired, you won’t know if they are a long-term employee and the best fit for that particular position.

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What Separates Us?

Reliable Results

Unlike other pre-hire assessments which are predicated on behavior which may change over time, AcuMax is based on natural wiring which typically remains constant throughout your adult life.

easy to use
Easy-to-use Web Application

You don’t have to be a computer wizard or even “tech savvy” to access your system information. Our menus are laid out logically and include page pointers, a Live Chat line and system guides, if needed.

actionable items

We don’t use jargon and our reports are designed to provide leadership with actionable information and concrete solutions to employee situations and vexing staff problems.

Fast Results

You will be amazed at the amount of information immediately available on a candidate or an employee who completes the 5-minute pre-hire assessment.

Accepted by Employees

The AcuMax Index is a 5-minute pre-hire assessment that produces a report outlining employee strengths and limitations. AcuMax allows leaders to play to their employee’s strengths.

customized to you
Customized to You

We learn what your needs are and provide solutions tailored to your business. Your job profiles will be designed by you and specifically customized to meet the demands of your positions.