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AcuMax Echo

AcuMax Echo℠

Do you truly know and understand your culture?

Define your culture and create the company culture your employees desire.

Discover the formula to create a thriving culture!

The Echo workplace culture assessment is uniquely designed to measure and define culture based on the wiring profile of your organization.


Employee Driven Culture

A culture that reflects the wiring of your people is a culture that connects. Our process applies wiring profiles to help you understand and create company culture. This company culture assessment tool assists you with what needs to happen to create a culture more conducive to the wiring of your team members.

Employee Driven Culture
Perceived vs Actual Culture

Understand Your Culture

It is common for leadership teams to think they have cultures built around inclusion and employee growth while in reality, it is the complete opposite. The Echo company culture assessment will help you fully understand your work culture.


Actionable Insight About Your Culture

If everything is important, then nothing is. Because the Echo process is based on wiring profiles, our reports will show the significant gaps and where your current culture is out of alignment with how your employees prefer to be motivated. The Echo company culture assessment quickly highlights the factors that are more important and where improvement is most necessary.

objectively culture

It's Time to Align Intent and Impact

The culture that you THINK you communicate and THINK you have is rarely ever the culture you truly have.

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