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AcuMax Engague

AcuMax EnGauge℠

Let us teach you how to utilize The AcuMax Index to track the energy of your team members.

EnGauge is our employee engagement workshop for managers that deepens your understanding of the actionable insight that can be derived from changes between Natural and Adjusted wiring.

Get the key to unlocking the power of your people!

When employees are de-energized from adjustments that stretch them too far from their natural wiring, they become less engaged and less productive. We teach a coaching process that will help you shift their focus to their natural strengths to increase productivity.


From Manager to Coach

The relationship an employee has with their manager is shown to have a more significant impact on loyalty, engagement and retention. This shift from just being a manager to becoming a coach depends on the nature of the performance feedback delivered and understanding when and why an employee is de-energized.

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engauge workshops

The EnGauge Workshop

Two 2-hour employee engagement training workshops to get the tools, learn the process, apply what you learned, then share best practices in a facilitated round table with other managers.


Why monitor the energy of your employees?

When natural strengths are valued and leveraged, employees become more self-empowered; will not excessively depend on direction and will continue to be upward aspiring.

Why Monitor Employees

Maintain an Energized Team

Learn how to track the energy of your team members and a coaching process to ensure your team members are energized, engaged and productive with the EnGauge employee engagement workshop for managers.

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