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AcuMax Vue

AcuMax Vue℠

Develop your leadership skills and get things done.

Wiring profiles will impact peers, direct reports and clients differently. The Vue business personality assessment provides leaders with insight into how their wiring profile is received by others and adjustments they should make to influence and execute more effectively.

Learn the secret sauce to becoming a great leader!

Leaders that are aware of the natural strengths that exist within their wiring profile are more likely to motivate their direct reports compared to leaders who lack this self-awareness. The Vue online leadership survey is uniquely designed to gather feedback from multiple sources and connect this feedback with a comprehensive leadership model and a leader's AcuMax wiring profile.


It Always Comes Down to Execution

Our model measures several different factors that drive leadership effectiveness, but more importantly, results of the Vue process will highlight areas that have the greatest impact on execution.

Comes down to execution
Clear and Actionable Results

Clear and Actionable Results

With the Vue business personality assessment, you will know precisely how to apply your wiring profile so it connects more effectively with those you interact with.


A 360° Perspective on Your Wiring Profile

Vue is offered as an online leadership survey that, like any 360° instrument, is distributed to you, your Manager, Peers, Direct Reports and Clients (optional). We also include a 1-to-1 coaching session to understand your personality survey results and begin action planning.

360 view - employee

Feedback should always be a two-way road

With AcuMax Vue, get a true 360-degree perspective on the impact of your AcuMax Index Wiring Profile.

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