Chris McCollum

Executive Consultant

Christopher McCollum leverages his background in psychology and organizational development to show angles of human wiring that are often unseen or underutilized. He strives to help others achieve maximum insight for peak performance.

Chris has practiced in the field of leadership development since 2002 in a variety of capacities from designing leadership and culture assessments, executing multiple year corporate trainings and experiential retreats, researching the many facets of leadership, and applying his research as an executive coach. Chris is certified to use several tools to assess culture and leadership effectiveness which he has done for several start-ups, medium and large organizations.

A scientist first, practitioner second, Chris relies on his ability to research and analyze data pertinent to human performance to foster reliable methods of development, measurable results and enhanced precision to help others achieve their outcomes. He enjoys finding themes between disparate data and converting data into comprehensive and actionable feedback that pushes human performance to the next level.

He has applied his leadership development methodologies in BioTech, Automotive, Computer Science, Engineering, Manufacturing, Academia, and Banking. From coaching CEOs of start-ups to overseeing and facilitating a cultural transition amidst a large-scale merger and acquisition, Chris has applied his development methodologies from multiple perspectives.

The information Chris has gathered from his many experiences in leadership and culture development has brought him to where he is now in his career. Too many cultures are created by accident and Chris understands, if we don’t take the time to create culture in our organization, it is inevitable culture will create us.


“From my perspective, AcuMax Vue and Chris’ leadership has been outstanding.Thanks again for this great opportunity for our team!”

Amy Zehnder Grossi
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