James “Jay” Hawreluk

Chief Executive Officer

James “Jay” Hawreluk has a BBA in Business Management from the University of Michigan and an MBA from the University of Detroit

From his involvement in a youth organization, to his first full time position at a bank, as a business owner and involved in sales and consulting, people have always fascinated him.

Over the years, Jay Hawreluk has tried to figure people out and address the issue of why they do the things they do. This culminated when he become a Senior Management Consultant in late 2000 and for over 10 years worked with all size organizations to provide recruiting, hiring, management, team building and strategic planning expertise. During this time period, Jay also explored personal relationships on all levels and discovered many commonalities in business relationships and personal relationships – which can all impact stress, happiness and goal achievement.

Jay has years of hands on experience in dealing with the many complex issues that occur in today’s business environment. After orchestrating the buyout of his company in the early 1990’s, Jay has continued to work with executives of small to Fortune 500 companies offering realistic and attainable solutions to the challenges of our dynamic business world. The hallmark of Jay’s career has been his ability to consistently deliver new approaches that generate quality results to his clientele at the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

The information Jay has acquired over many years of working with companies is now available to all in his new book and presentation seminar- Unraveling the Mystery of People – which now enables all people to improve their relationships, job satisfaction and overall life enjoyment! From this book the AcuMax Index® Survey has been developed which accurately assesses an individual’s natural wiring and tells us how they are best motivated, process thought, preferred work style, how risk decisions are made and one’s communication style. The additional value is the AcuMax Index® scientifically informs us of the environment that a person can best flourish in and is the only assessment that not only measures, but reports on a person’s natural wiring! The AcuMax Index® is a statistically valid, EEOC compliant assessment that enables any type of organization to improve quality of hiring, performance of their workforce and job satisfaction for all. In addition, the AcuMax Index® can be used to help in all sorts of personal relationships – spouses, significant others, children, family and friends! All of this clarity on people and relationships with a simple 5 minute Survey!

Jay’s educational and entertaining presentation style has led to speaking engagements with numerous business organizations, not-for-profit events, conferences and professional organizations! Unraveling the Mystery of People live presentation is consistently rated as one of the best presentations audiences have seen on human interactions!