Monique Sesi

Executive Consultant

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Monique Sesi, a leader with a bias for action and 20-year track record of managing successful businesses. Monique’s areas of expertise include remote and cloud-based operations, organizational development, and strategic planning. System design and implementation, employee engagement, and driving scalable growth are her focal points. Clients include IRI Consultants, Toyota, Audi, GM, Chrysler, The Detroit Science Center, The George P. Johnson Marketing Company, EWI Worldwide, the Department of Commerce Census Bureau and more.

As a strategic business executive whose role has expanded in time, Monique has worked as Consultant, Director, VP, and C-Suite Leader. With a clear vision and decisive direction, she’s a strong yet caring leader who ensures people have the structure, tools, training, and resources needed for success. Monique’s passion for business development and growth is infectious.

Monique has major accomplishments in the areas of being a Strategic Leader, developing Organizational Optimization as well as private and public sector Oversight and Quality Development.

Today, with AcuMax, Monique continues to consult with large and small businesses. “With an entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring individuals to personally invest at work, while maximizing organizational potential is my passion.”