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Only Employee Assessment That Reveals How Individuals are Naturally Wired.

4drivers-tintHave you ever wondered why you do better in some work environments than others— in some work teams more than in others? Have you ever wondered why some of the people you’ve hired have stuck and have done well, and why others you’ve hired haven’t stuck and haven’t done well? Employers may use an employee personality test for the answers to these questions. We’ve discovered that assessing personality does not predict success.

The answers employers seek lie in the way we are naturally wired. Our innate wiring influences what matters to us; and our preferred way of processing information, engaging and communicating, and solving problems – all areas that determine success in particular positions based on the requirements of the position.

AcuMax Reveals What Drives You at Work and in Life

There are four primary Drivers for natural wiring styles. Everyone exhibits different preferences and combinations of these drivers. Learn more about the AcuMax Drivers.

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Take the only employee assessment that reports on natural wiring. The right wiring for a job trumps personality and experience when predicting job, long-term career success.

AcuMax Index Example Profile

Example AcuMax Index Profile

Want to learn about how you are naturally wired? Take this five minute survey now and find out. Have your team take the survey too; then call us for a complimentary consultation about what AcuMax can mean to your organization.

Once you complete the survey, we will send you your results and provide a brief explanation of those results in a short phone consultation. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions of our consultant, if you wish.

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