How do I better know my wiring and the wiring of others?

Unraveling the Mystery of People
The book comes with an evaluation that will explain your orientation (you already know who you are) in terms you can describe to others. More importantly, there is an evaluation to determine how others are wired and the difficulties associated with being wired the same, as well as wired totally differently.

What are the key concepts of this material?

People are naturally wired from birth (nature), but behavior is a function of both nature and nurture.

Unraveling the Mystery of People promotes understanding how to see past external behavior and know how people:

  • Accept ideas (some always like their ideas best, others always want the best idea)
  • Communicate (hey, it isn’t about talking!)
  • Deal with pressure (pressure speeds up some people, slows others down)
  • Make decisions and deal with risk (why so much information versus no info at all?)

Best of all, you will receive an interaction guide for daily use
and positive, simple terminology that will explain you and others!

Unraveling the Mystery of People


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