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AcuMax Index - Web App 2.1

Cloud-based, always-on availability

Custom built for our clients, our web application drives many of our AcuMax Solutions. The web app is easily organized and highly adaptable to any organization's structure. AcuMax Surveys, Position Profiles, Echo Culture Surveys, and Performance Reviews are available at your fingertips.

Looking for a better assessment? AcuMax has lower annual fees, easier and more functional technology with low cost, easy to learn Workshops!

Simple to start
Powerful enough to manage the entire hiring process.

Our online pre employment/employee assessment test can help organizations of all sizes. Whether you want to gain insight into your current employees, or want to ensure your hiring and talent acquisition dollars are spent wisely, we have a solution for your organization.


Microsoft Azure Hosted

Benefits of Azure include:

  1. Speed – Powerful infrastructure means sub-second page load times.
  2. Agility – Deploying new infrastructure is extremely fast, enabling the app to scale to demand.
  3. Global presence – Infrastructure available on every continent.
  4. Superior disaster recovery – Ask for more details.
  5. Enterprise security – Ask for more details.

SSL Secured by GoDaddy

All information transmitted between our online pre employment/employee assessment test and your browser is securely encrypted to ensure compliance with all data privacy regulations.

We use SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption to protect sensitive data. It’s the strongest encryption on the market today and it is virtually uncrackable.

Candidate Selection

Select Candidates by Natural Wiring

Accessing information that reveals how a candidate is wired means we can know how he or she communicates, thinks and reacts in various situations. A job candidate may have a perfect resume, the right skill set and the right experience, but until you know how that person is wired, you won’t know if they are a long-term employee and the best fit for that particular position. That’s where our online pre employment assessment test can help.


Create Position Profiles

As part of the AcuMax hiring process, every candidate will complete a simple employability skills assessment test that clearly reports on their particular wiring pattern. These results can then be used by the hiring manager to determine the candidate’s fit for a particular role.

people matching business development

Survey Dashboard

AcuMax dashboard

Add Insight and Consistency to Your Company

Hire the Right People for the Right Position

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