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Understanding What Motivates and Engages Us

Understanding how to motivate and engage employees.The AcuMax Index® is designed to reveal a person’s natural wiring profile and correlate that profile with the wiring requirements of a specific job or role.

Once hired, it is important to motivate or manage the individual to success. This typically occurs when an employee, who has been matched to a job using the AcuMax Index, quickly engages with the job and displays a high degree of motivation. Employees who are an excellent match for their jobs are usually much easier to manage because they are happy, satisfied … and productive.

Wired For Success – A Positive Cascading Effect

building a positive work cultureWith a person who is truly wired for success in a particular job, that person’s engagement with the job is a long-term commitment and actually deepens over time.

They also remain engaged with the organization as a whole and help other employees make adjustments to meet the demands of their jobs and fit the culture.

Discover and develop the hidden potential in your workforce 

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Insights from the AcuMax Index are used to improve hiring, retention and talent development at all levels, and across all industries.