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AcuMax Index's pre employment assessment tools can help you quickly identify and match highly-motivated candidates with the perfect employment position.

Build a Thriving Workplace Environment

Understanding how people are wired through pre employment assessment testing software better aligns them in positions, creates enhanced idea flow, improves communication, productivity and decision making.


Confident Decisions with AcuMax Index

The AcuMax Index is an assessment designed to identify the natural wiring of job candidates and existing employees. Insights from the AcuMax Index’s tools and software for pre employment testing go beyond standard employment personality tests and are helping organizations to hire and develop a strong, productive workforce.

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With the AcuMax Index, you can create job profiles based on your top employees and hire candidates who are more suited to the job.

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Provide relief to your company with our solutions. Here are common problems that we solve for our clients every day.


AcuMax - Built On Success

The AcuMax Index is a statistically validated, EEOC compliant instrument which measures how an individual is hard wired. Our consultants bring over 150 years of business experience to analyze and provide the best solutions to your employment problems. Our DUNS Past Performance Evaluation Rating is 96 (of 100). AcuMax was named by Recruiter as a “Top 10 Personality and Behavioral Assessment”!

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Ambitious & impressive organizations use AcuMax to develop the greatness of their people; most others just use a personality assessment.

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