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Resolve productivity and employee engagement issues.

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AcuMax Index measures your innate human wiring.

Take the survey to learn what motivates you. Talk to an expert about how AcuMax can help you motivate your team.

How it works: 

Maximize hiring and retaining employees with these three steps.

What you’ll receive:

  • A mind blowing experience – fast, easy, and accurate
  • Understand your Natural Wiring in an easy to use format
  • Improve your strengths and minimize limitations

Applicants and employees complete a survey in under 5 minutes.

Build custom tailored position profiles using your own survey data.

Use this information to hire, motivate and maximize your team.

Have you ever seen an assessment that can tell more about you in 5 minutes than someone you have known for 2 years?

The AcuMax Index is the ONLY assessment that measures and reports on human wiring.

A much deeper and insightful dive into an individual!

AcuMax is based in the NEURAL SCIENCES while all other personality assessments are based in the social sciences. A huge difference!

The right hires. Every time.

Our assessments are EEOC compliant and legal to use as a pre-screening and hiring instrument.

AcuMax assessments are easy to use with actionable data.

Includes tools that help you every step of the way in the hiring process.

Properly motivate people so your talent is productive and satisfied in their roles.

No hidden fees and unlimited assessment pricing model.

Did you know that employee retention is the #1 concern of business executives today?

People leave management, not jobs.

Trusted by over 300 organizations around the world.

AcuMax has been in business since 2012 and we have loyal clients around the world who we have helped build better teams.

I would highly recommend the AcuMax tool, and do, for every CEO that I interact with. I think it’s a tool that a CEO cannot do without.

Bob Holland

Chairman, Vistage Michigan

The way AcuMax can help the business owner is that it will make their company more successful.

Catherine Revord

Senior Vice President, University Bank

I am so impressed with your customer service! AcuMax has really changed my life for the better! Helping to sift through resumes is such a blessing!

VP of Human Resources

Rexco Equipment

I will continue to recommend your services, as we believe in its efficacy, and the service we’ve received from y’all to date has been top notch.

John Ray, III

President & CEO, Level 5 Security Group


What does the AcuMax Index employment assessment measure?
The AcuMax Index is EEOC compliant. We do not ask for age, gender or ethnic background information in the Survey process or to generate a report. Companies that use assessments hire better employees, improve retention, reduce associated costs and are less likely to suffer legal consequences due to poor hiring practices. The AcuMax Index measures how people are uniquely wired. This tells us a person’s orientation to ideas, how they function in or on a team, how they communicate (not just talk or think, but process thought), their preferred work style, how they accept pressure and how much information they need for effective decision making.
What makes AcuMax scientifically-validated and different from typical personality tests?
There are hundreds of personality or behavioral assessments in the marketplace, but only the AcuMax Index objectively measures and reports on human hard wiring.
Can I use this testing for hiring? I have heard that most tests aren’t legally compliant.
Companies that use assessments hire better employees, improve retention, reduce associated costs and are less likely to suffer legal consequences due to poor hiring practices.
What is the return on investment for using AcuMax?

Since the cost of a “poor” hire with taxes and benefits at $12 an hour costs a company $6,240 over a 3 month period, AcuMax creates a positive return on investment with only one proper new hire. Click here to access the turnover calculator to figure out your exact cost of turnover.