How It Works

Make better hires with a pre-hiring assessment.

Each employee and prospective candidate will complete a 5-minute statistically validated and EEOC compliant survey. A MUST in the candidate pre-screening process! The individualized report on their specific wiring is instantaneously produced with our proprietary, easy-to-use software system.

Data and analytics from YOU determines the position wiring for YOUR needs.

We are custom to your requirements, not a one size fits all template. The higher the match to your position, the greater the chance of having a high performing and satisfied team member.

Reduce Turnover.

Use AcuMax technology to reduce turnover by hiring the right people and building and motivating successful teams. The science behind our reports lets you know how a person is naturally wired, which gives you the tools you need to make the right hires and improve your existing teams.

Above The Competition

Other “personality assessments” use studies based upon the social sciences, AcuMax is the only assessment based upon the neural sciences. While social personality changes over time, neural wiring is static throughout an individual’s lifetime providing you deep knowledge and insight into your employees and candidates. See for yourself and take a complimentary AcuMax Index!