Quality Service, Happy Customers

“AcuMax Index has facilitated changes at the C-level contributing to our growth from a 3 million to 15 million a year company.”

Tom Richardson

COO, Liberty Title

“Our production metrics are at historical highs. AcuMax Index is part of our toolbox that I use every day. without it, we wouldn’t have the results we have today.”
Scott Wiltsie

Human Resource Manager, Vanamatic Company

“In the six and half years of using AcuMax Index, our revenue has increased from $28 to $38 million.”
Chris Covatta

Vice President, Terminal Supply Company


For many tellers, the idea of selling can be very intimidating. The solution is to obtain data from teller wiring and adapt the program to change the mindset of the teller’s role.

“We have totally created our Leadership Team and substantially grown all departments using AcuMax Index”
Tami Peterson, PhD

Founder & CEO, Oxford Recovery Center

“The communication between the owners was quite bad. If we didn’t get Jay involved and the insights provided by AcuMax Index, I don’t believe we would have survived as a business.”

Kyle Willard & Crystal Carroll

Founders & Owners, Mine2Well Energy Services

“Being responsible for 90% of recruiting, AcuMax Index has helped us find candidates that are closer to our requirements and greatly enhanced our onboarding. Our turnover is nonexistent.”
Susy Zubradt

Talent Acquisition & Development, Koppert Biological Systems Inc.

“We are hiring to support our core value of ‘Find Better Ways’ and this is affording us with more people who will actually start the changes that will ensure continuous improvement as an organization”
Erin Michael

Recruiting & Training Coordinator, Forensic Fluids Laboratories

“AcuMax Index has greatly enhanced our final selection decisions and continues to be a key factor in the high morale of our team.”
Norman Birtch

Vice President of Human Resources, Amsted Automotive

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