AcuMax Overview

Thank you for completing the AcuMax Index! We know you have found value with this information! As promised, please find Strengths & Limitation below along with additional information on the AcuMax that you may find helpful.

 Low A Drive – Autonomy

 Low A Strengths:

    • Natural team orientation.
    • Enjoys harmony in the work environment
    • Contributes ideas best when in a “conflict free” environment.
    • Willing to look at all options for the “best” idea. (Prefers the ideas that best benefits the team or organization.)

 Low A Limitations / Potential Areas of Development:

    • Conflict may impede or slow idea flow and likely to avoid predicted confrontations.
    • Seeking and weighing too many options could slow the decision-making process.
    • Will use “passive” aggressiveness to resist ideas, change or options they do not feel comfortable or support. (ex. lack of engagement in idea or plan).

 High A Drive – Autonomy

 High A Strengths:

    • Prefers their ideas best and will act on them.
    • Desires to implement their idea or generates discussion on how an idea is executed.
    • Accepts conflict in defending their ideas and plans of action and will drive through resistance and will push through change.
    • Oftentimes, will be driven by “No”

 High A Limitations / Potential Areas of Development:

    • Prefers their ideas best and thus may not consider other options that may be optimal to move forward.
    • Expects others to accept conflict and will discount ideas if others do not defend them
    • Enjoys elements of challenge and may exhibit a lack of boundaries if not properly challenged in their role.

 Low B Drive – Autonomy

 Low B Strengths:

    • Analyzes ideas and concepts thoroughly before verbalizing.
    • Prefers to figure out problems for themselves.
    • Enjoys “alone time” to work, think issues through, and recharge from face-to-face interactions.
    • Works well in environments that provide “heads down” work.

 Low B Limitations / Potential Areas of Development:

    • Tendency to think about communicating with others, but may hold important information “tight to the chest”.
    • May not respond to others until thought process is complete.
    • May avoid communication with others.

 High B Drive – Autonomy

 High B Strengths:

    • Good verbal communicator.
    • Naturally reads how others respond and react.
    • Will adjust delivery style based upon desired reactions from others.
    • Gets energy from face-to-face people interaction and can invigorate a discussion.

 High B Limitations / Potential Areas of Development:

    • Overly eager for external response and will continue to push for response if one is not given.
    • May over-verbalize to get their point across (may repeat themselves).
    • Tendency to be overly expressive (use too many verbal words) when communicating with Low B profiles.

 Low C Drive – Autonomy

 Low C Strengths:

    • Accepts pressure, change and interruptions (may not always welcome the interruption, but does not overly impede productivity.)
    • Re-prioritizes agenda as situations change.
    • Accepts making “pressure” decisions.
    • Will handle multiple assignments at the same time and can transition between them easily.

 Low C Limitations / Potential Areas of Development:

    • Tendency to take on too many responsibilities (too many items on their plate).
    • Potential to impede productivity of High C profiles by interrupting them.
    • Impatient – may react to situations or decisions too quickly.

 High C Drive – Autonomy

 High C Strengths:

    • If necessary, will complete all steps and in order on a consistent basis.
    • Patience creates more ability for long term focus.
    • Prefers to follow their plan of agenda items and “button down” one item before moving to another.
    • Enjoys direct focus when interacting with others.

 High C Limitations / Potential Areas of Development:

    • Interruptions may impede work productivity.
    • Too much pressure may cause High C to “shut down” which can slow work progress and decision-making speed.
    • Will push back if feeling too much pressure.
    • May be overly deliberative in decision-making process

 Low D Drive – Autonomy

 Low D Strengths:

    • Flexible and adaptable to changes in their environment.
    • Will think beyond established rules, regulations and ways to accomplish things.
    • Operates well in the “gray” areas where there are no clear directions or roadmap.
    • Can make a “risk” decision with limited information and will be comfortable with that decision.

 Low D Limitations / Potential Areas of Development:

    • Will “pick and choose” the rules and regulations to follow based upon their agenda.
    • Potentially may not seek or accept proof in their decision-making process.
    • Tends to block out excessive information or detail that is not important to them – may react to situations or decisions too quickly

 High D Drive – Autonomy

 High D Strengths:

    • Driven to perform work within established protocols.
    • Will accept proof from valued subject matter experts in decision-making process.
    • Works well when provided the “roadmap” – The structure and path to follow when performing work.
    • Works within established and known rules and regulations

 High D Limitations / Potential Areas of Development:

    • When is perfect, perfect enough?
    • Lack of detailed information may slow down work progress and decision-making.
    • Due to desire for perfection in their work, may spend significant time and energy for negligible improvements in work output.

Why Organizations Prefer AcuMax

 Ease of use

Create a Position Assessment in 5 minutes, this profile creates the hiring template for the profile that will have the highest level of success for that particular role. Compare a candidate to a Position Assessment with a touch of a button. Survey results on a candidate are sent immediately to the administrator’s email. Intuitive technology that creates immediate usage without training. Graphs and charts can quickly and visually show how a team is wired.


Your organization can have as many administrators or users as they desire within the system. Managers and supervisors can have access to only their department or direct reports which increases usability of AI within the organization. Use with vendors and customers to improve relations. Survey family & friends of employees – what a great employee benefit!


Designed with the newest programming languages and has the architecture to continually expand. Current clients receive IT enhancements as part of their annual maintenance fee. Some of our most popular features: 1) “How to best interact with me” – a form generated from the system (allows for daily usage of the AI). 2) Profile specific Interview Questions. 3) Profile specific Coaching Tips.

Best in class customer service

The values statement of AcuMax, Inc. is the following: “We will always do what we say we’ll do and when we say it will be done!” In addition, AcuMax believes in customer service without charging for every need the client has! Any question or issue from a client organization will be answered and addressed that day!

Easy terminology

The AcuMax terminology is as easy as A, B, C, D! Each individual’s wiring is segmented into letter categories that are easy to remember.

Statistically valid & EEOC compliant

The AI is a statistically validated tool which means it can be used as an integral part of an organization’s hiring process. Being EEOC compliant means that the AI does not show any variances by gender, age, race or nationality! AI is currently available in English and 20 other languages!

Cost effective IT upgrade options

Do you do a lot of hiring and accept applications on your website? Then AcuMax has several great options to streamline your hiring process: In most cases, there are no additional charges. Our team will work with you to determine the scope of customization on a case-by-case basis. 1) Integration with Client Talent Management System: most cases, no charge; may be slight programming fees for special functions 2) Integration with Client Website (contains Advertising Link): NO CHARGE! 3) Advertising Link integrated with Client AcuMax IT System: NO CHARGE!