Frequently Asked Questions

What does the AcuMax Index employment assessment measure?
The AcuMax Index measures how people are uniquely wired. This tells us a person’s orientation to ideas, how they function in or on a team, how they communicate (not just talk or think, but process thought), their preferred work style, how they accept pressure and how much information they need for effective decision making.
What makes AcuMax scientifically-validated and different from typical personality tests?
There are hundreds of personality or behavioral assessments in the marketplace, but only the AcuMax Index objectively measures and reports on human hard wiring.
Can I use this testing for hiring? I have heard that most tests aren’t legally compliant.
Companies that use assessments hire better employees, improve retention, reduce associated costs and are less likely to suffer legal consequences due to poor hiring practices.
Is it a test?
The AcuMax Index is not a test. There are no right or wrong answers and one cannot pass or fail. It is a Survey that measures the hard wiring of the individual and the environment in which that person best thrives.
Should the AcuMax Index be used for hiring?
What is the accuracy of the AcuMax Index?
We offer a complimentary AI so you can judge the ease of taking the Index and the accuracy of your results for yourself.
How long does it take to complete the AcuMax Index?
Five to ten minutes, though most complete in less than 5 minutes.
Do you use standard hiring templates?
Each client customizes their templates to meet their particular hiring needs. AcuMax does not require clients to use a “cookie-cutter” or one-size-fits-all hiring template.
How do you create hiring templates?

Job Position Profiles may be created in two ways.  The first is using existing data of current employees.  The second method – for new positions in an organization – takes 5 minutes to complete and is done by people familiar with the job.

Is AcuMax only for hiring?
Hiring is just part of the power. In addition to interview questions, our reports feature impactful onboarding, effective management, drive intensity, understanding the concerns of how someone is trying to change their wiring to meet the demands of their environment, coaching tips, proper motivation, group profiles – to name a few of the management functions to create a highly engaged workforce!
What is the AcuMax IT system?
Each client receives its own AcuMax web application system and can run an unlimited number of Surveys. We are cloud- based with multiple servers to provide virtually uninterrupted service.
How hard is it to learn the AcuMax system?
The training is only two half-day sessions and attendees can confidently and immediately start using the information learned. The AcuMax web application is so advanced that it complements and aids in the quick and effective usage of AcuMax.
Is the AcuMax Index EEOC compliant?
The AcuMax Index is EEOC compliant. We do not ask for age, gender or ethnic background information in the Survey process or to generate a report.
How do I know if an applicant is a good match for a job?
The AcuMax system makes this very simple – press a button and know immediately if the applicant is a green, yellow or red match for the job.
What is the return on investment for AcuMax?
Since the cost of a “poor” hire with taxes and benefits at $12 an hour costs a company $6,240 over a 3 month period, AcuMax creates a positive return on investment with only one proper new hire.

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