What Is Psychometric Testing?

A business is only as good as its staff. That’s why hiring managers must take care when building their workforce. While resumes establish past employment experience, and interviews provide insight into personality factors, how can you tell if a candidate is truly the best fit for a position? Many workplaces rely on psychometric assessment testing for job interviews, which touches on numerous aspects to help managers make the best decisions for their team. If you want to take a deep dive into a person’s innate wiring, AcuMax Index is the solution for you. This suite of assessments can be used to create a more efficient hiring process, but they can also help a company engage their workers to boost satisfaction and productivity.

How a Psychometric Test Works

Psychometric testing and personality testsWhen undergoing an interview, a prospective candidate knows what to say to make a good impression. This doesn’t mean that interviewees lie about their abilities or previous work history. It’s just natural for a person to play up the best aspects of their character when trying to impress a hiring manager. Psychometric testing circumvents these issues by assessing a person’s innate abilities.

For example, a candidate will be asked a range of questions designed specifically to uncover hidden aspects of their personality. Questions may focus on what motivates a person, how he or she deals with stress, how quickly a person learns, among many other essential factors. Additionally, questions are arranged in such a way that makes it impossible to simply tell a hiring manager what she wants to hear. Psychometric assessment tests create a reliable employee profile that touches on numerous aspects.

What Tests Can Be Used For

Employment assessments are typically used during the hiring process. The right testing process reduces the guesswork surrounding hiring, which can be quite costly when a company is faced with a high turnover rate. Consider the cost associated with training a new hire, one that you hope stays with the company for many years. When a person is not a good fit, chances are he will leave the position in search of something more suitable. With pre-employment testing, you can make a confident decision when it comes to new hires.

Assessments are also useful for checking in with existing workers. Are your workers truly engaged and motivated to give their all? While the answer to this question may be a resounding yes, your staff’s behavior could tell a different story. Testing is invaluable in this case, as it gives you an idea of what your workforce is lacking so you can be sure to provide it. Testing can also help you define a company culture, hone leadership skills, and optimize your team to work more efficiently.

Psychometrics Examples

Personality test for employersThere are many different types of tests that may be used to determine a prospective employee’s suitability in a particular role. A personality test for employment looks at how well a candidate will get along with others on your staff. This is key for maintaining a positive environment in your workplace, while also ensuring company culture is well-maintained. Other tests examine a worker’s aptitude and ability. This goes beyond examining the necessary skill set for a particular job. For example, an aptitude test might include questions on reasoning, such as spatial awareness and language ability. This shows that the candidate has the ability to learn new skills as he progresses through the position.

Psychological testing may also be performed. These tests help gauge a person’s response to stress, as well as other factors that establish psychological fitness. This is especially important in high-pressure positions, where employers naturally want to rest assured that the candidate has the mental toughness to withstand stressful working environments. When used in conjunction, psychometric testing paints a clear picture of a person’s total strengths and weaknesses.

Building a Better Workforce

With AcuMax Index, you can build the winning team your company deserves using trusted methods. Request your demo today, and see the difference pre-employment testing can make. You can also call (844) 228-6291 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable representative.

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