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Measuring mental agility in 10 minutes or less

Acumen is the newest addition to the suite of AcuMax Index hiring solutions. It is a statistically validated cognitive reasoning skills assessment that is administered in 10 minutes. Acumen provides an easy-to-understand report that indicates the learning curve and type of onboarding experience each job candidate will require.

What does it do?

It increases the speed of your hiring decisions from FAST to FASTER by allowing you to anticipate how quickly a prospective candidate will grasp the fundamental aspects of a particular job. Acumen allows you to determine if you should maintain, expedite or slow down your current onboarding process for each candidate. Improving hiring is easy with Acumen.

Better Job Matching Accuracy

Acumen cognitive reasoning test scores are divided into ranges (Sectors) which correlate to cognitive abilities. A scoring range is preferable to the integrity of a single assessment score which can often fluctuate due to test conditions or influences which may occur during the process of completing a timed assessment.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Acumen provides a highly actionable report which is correlated to job function, learning speed and training needs. With Acumen you will quickly know which candidates are most likely to succeed in your work and training environment and the best approach to take with each.

Turnkey Administration

Acumen can be administered in the same process as the AcuMax Index. Simply choose sending the AcuMax Index, Acumen or both and savor the speed you should always expect from our solutions.

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Enhances Position Profiles

When creating and reporting on Position Profiles and matching with candidates, you can now include a desired Acumen Sector Score or reference a list of Sector Scores assigned to many common jobs.

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