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Better Bottom Line

"It's a fast-paced that we have the right people in the key spots, everything has improved."   Will Wallace, Manager at SAT Plating, describes how having the right people in key positions has helped the bottom line. "We're a manufacturing company, it's a fast-paced environment on the work floor. You try and get through as much as you can. If there are hold-ups, there are inefficiencies, that slows down your production, it slows down revenue and your bottom line. Since using the AcuMax survey, ... Read more

AcuMax CEO Interview with Murray Feldman, Fox 2 Detroit

AcuMax CEO Interview with Murray Feldman, Fox 2 Detroit Fox 2 News Headlines Jay Hawreluk, CEO discusses AcuMax Index with Murray Feldman, Channel 2 News, and how employers find employees who are the right fit based on their hard wiring. Murray Feldman: Are you the one that they want? That's John Travolta and Olivia Newton John getting us started as we open up the Job Shop. You want to be the one that they want. That's why they do assessments on people that they're going ... Read more