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AcuMax is the Top Employment Assessment Program Available

The AcuMax Index® is the only assessment that measures and reports on human wiring.  Understanding how people are wired better aligns them in positions, creates enhanced idea flow, improves communication, productivity and decision making.

Understanding What Matters.

To know AcuMax Index is to know what matters most to us and what we believe. The AcuMax Index is more than the most revealing hiring and motivation system on the market today; it is a way of enhancing relationships, building teams and improving communications.

What We Believe.

We believe that people are very complex beings on one level, yet quite simple on another level. We also believe that the best way to understand another person is not to focus on the ever-changing complexities of human behavior and personality, but to understand how a person is naturally wired. This belief led us to discover the AcuMax Index, which is the only statistically valid, EEOC compliant hiring and motivation system that objectively measures and reports on human wiring.

270wide-team-13We also believe that people are our greatest asset in business. We strongly believe it is possible to know yourself and your employees on a deeper level if you understand the influence that natural wiring has on our choices in life. The AcuMax Index system provides an objective, non-slanted perspective that enables organizations to hire and motivate more effectively. It will also improve employee satisfaction and performance. Of course, this system translates into higher organizational productivity and profitability.

The AcuMax Index starts with aligning a person’s wiring with the wiring requirements of a particular job or role. Once hired, it is important to properly motivate or manage that individual so they are happy, satisfied and productive. After the hiring decision is made, AcuMax can be used to improve communications, idea flow, team building, training, corrective actions, conflict resolution, and career development.

Enhancing relationships, building teams and improving communications.

Learn more about how the AcuMax Index is being used by organizations of all sizes to understand and develop the full potential of individuals, managers, teams and organizations. Contact Us or call us today at 844-228-6291.

Insights from the AcuMax Index are helping organizations throughout North America and around the globe to identify, select and develop a strong, productive workforce.