AcuMax Benefits a Community

acumax benefits a community

Not Just for Business, AcuMax Benefits a Whole Community

Scott Wiltsie, Human Resources Manager, Vanamatic

Being from a small community, we live in a community of about 6,000, we try to have as big of an impact on the community as we can. One of the huge benefits of AcuMax is we’ve used it with our local churches and our local school system from helping hire superintendent positions to counseling individuals within the church.
Jay has been fantastic in allowing the use and the assistance of AcuMax to people in the community. It’s been a huge asset for us, our employees and their families. Probably about 90% of our employee base has taken the assessment with their kids or their wives or their family members. We assist our employees’ kids when they’re approaching college age to help get them maybe focused on maybe the right area or areas where they might be able to succeed. With that respect there’s a whole other dimension of AcuMax other than just the ways that you use it at work – including building community in the workplace.

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