AcuMax on Kevin Downey’s Podcast

Jay Hawreluk, Founder and CEO of AcuMax Index

High turnover across all industries continues to disrupt workplaces, and for good reason. Losing and replacing workers is time-consuming and costly. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, it costs 6 to 9 months of an employee’s salary to replace them, and in extreme cases hiring to replace them can take a year or more. And, if that employee doesn’t work out, you’re back to spending more time and money finding another replacement.

In this podcast, Jay Hawreluk, Founder and CEO of AcuMax Index, explains the unique science behind his company’s employment assessment tool. AcuMax Index can help employers find the right job candidates, which translates into happier workplaces, more productivity, and longer retention.

AcuMax Index isn’t just a personality assessment. AcuMax is truly an assessment meant to be used during hiring. It is based on neuroscience and measures innate human wiring, which occurs in the 18-to-24-month period after any human being is born. These neural pathways never change and tell us an individual’s natural orientation to ideas, how they thinks, preferred work styles, how they deal with pressure, and the amount of preferred information in decision making.  Overall, this tells the environment in which a person best thrives, not just survives. Additionally, the AcuMax also provides gives employers insight into what motivates and empowers a job candidate so they can not only be a great fit for the organization but be satisfied and productive in their role.

Listen to Jay Hawreluk explain the innovative AcuMax employee assessment tool and how it can help businesses hire the right job candidates.

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