August Tip Sheet

The Manager Experience
A new Gallup study* reporting on the experience of over 50,000 managers concluded that:
·      Managers account for 70% of the variance in team engagement and their efforts substantially impact the bottom line of entire organizations
·        The perks of being a Manager
   ○  Having a voice and involvement in decision-making
   ○  Autonomy and control over their work
   ○  Working in a collaborative environment
   ○  Opportunities for development and career advancement
   ○  Motivating pay incentives
·        The primary challenges Managers face
    ○  Unclear expectations
    ○  Heavy workloads and distractions
    ○  Job stress and frustrations
    ○  Less focus on their strengths
    ○  Frustrating performance reviews
Your manager experience largely defines your employee experience. Measuring success is different for a manager because it comes from other people’s successes. And, the skill set for being a successful manager is often vastly different than that required in the positions being managed. AcuMax is an important organizational tool that provides information to help your managers succeed. If you believe your management team would benefit from specialized training, please contact an AcuMax consultant for more information concerning programs that are available.
The Manager Experience, Top Challenges & Perks of Managers, 2019
Coming Soon to a Screen Near You:  AcuMax Web App 2.1!
We are continuing to test and perfect a new and improved web application that is scheduled for release in October. AcuMax 2.1 will retain the features you know and love AND provide new functionalities such as expanded search capabilities, the ability to send messages to employees directly from the application, a status dashboard and more. You will immediately notice more color and pop on screen and in the reports generated from the system. Webinars, videos and materials are in the works to make the transition easier. More information will be provided as the date approaches.
And, then the Employee Said ….
Continuing with our manager theme, it’s not always easy being a manager. You have many constituencies to please. And sometimes your employees say the darndest things. Here are a few actual not so smart things that employees have said to their managers:
·     I can’t really remember the interview … I may have exaggerated a couple of things.
·        Don’t worry; I’ve cast a protection spell on the office.
·        Fancy a whiskey?  I keep some in my desk for emergencies.
·        So, when’s this drug test going to be?
·        I like you, but I don’t trust you.
·        Employee: ‘Knock-knock.’ Manager: ‘who’s there?’ Employee:
‘I quit’.

·        You came across so much more horrible in the interview.
·        Sorry, I didn’t realize I was working for the pope of England.
·        I have a job interview on Monday; can I have the day off?

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