Benefits of In-Person or Hybrid Work Environments

Over the past 18 months, employers have scrambled to adapt to the “new normal” of remote work. Whether learning to interview and recruit remotely, increase the productivity of virtual meetings, or be conscious of employee health in the remote environment, employers have increasingly focused their efforts to shape an effective remote workforce.
But what if a remote model isn’t suitable for your company? Some industries, like manufacturing, may never be able to adapt their processes to a remote model. Other industries, such as investment banking, are summoning workers back to the office, believing that face-to-face interactions are necessary to build rapport and allow ambitious young workers to network and separate themselves from their peers. While it’s likely that most companies will adopt more flexible work location policies, these hybrid models increase the need for in-person interactions to be meaningful and productive.
AcuMax can help you identify the way your employees’ process and share information, allowing you to tailor your in-person communications to be most effectively received. But, your in-person interactions must be efficient in accomplishing the goals of your company. As in-office work becomes safer by the day, it’s essential to think strategically about how your employees will spend their time together.
Be Deliberate
Many employees bemoan the experience of spending hours in conference rooms for ‘pointless’ meetings. Though all meetings, including virtual meetings, should be productive and deliberate, in-person meetings should be used to indicate that an issue is critical.  Employees should know that they are being brought together in person because the matter demands it, and their presence is vital to finding a solution.
Celebrate Wins
Polls show that the majority of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were being recognized. With employees gathered together, take the opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of employees and the company as a whole and encourage employees to share their work victories with their teammates. Taking the time to celebrate these triumphs purposefully and in person helps employees recognize that their work is appreciated.
Be Consistent
Don’t create different work from home or in-office rules within the same team. Other teams may have different functions, but you should try to be as consistent as possible for regulations and policies within a team. If you have an issue where someone isn’t performing and want them in the office to improve performance, the real problem is their lack of performance, not their work location. Micromanaging doesn’t solve the issue. Take an employee’s AcuMax employment assessment and see how it stacks up to their work duties. It may allow you to self-diagnose what is causing a performance issue. Reviewing employment assessments before having coaching and performance meetings will also help you be prepared to have the conversation in a manner that will be best received.

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