Hiring the Wrong Person Costs What?

hiring the wrong employee

Avoid the Cost of Hiring the Wrong Employee

The costs of hiring the wrong person include:

  • replacement costs
  • risk & liability
  • Damaged customer relationships
    • 86% of customers who had a bad experience with a company will not do business with them again, but only 4% ever report that unsatisfactory experience.
    • 40% of customers said improved interaction with staff was a main driver in them doing repeat business.
    • 73% of customers stated they give up on a brand due to rude or incompetent service.

Accepting Hiring Mistakes as Part of Doing Business is Like pouring Money Down the Drain.

What if you had to hire 10 people just to get one that worked out?
This company did until…
They tried the Acumax index®
Every new hire was a great match for the position
Employee Personality Assessments Don’t Cost Money –They Save Money
Consider how much it costs you to:

  • Hire a new employee
  • Train a new employee
  • Discharge an employee
  • Repair customer relationships

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