February 2020 Tip Sheet

2.1 Web Application Enhancements
You spoke. We listened! The following systems’ changes have been recently made to simplify and enhance your use of the AcuMax Web Application
Search – the Search function under People, Index and Acumen will now automatically include subfolders. (There is no need to search independently by folder). Please highlight the main Company folder while searching to conduct a comprehensive search of your organization.
Alternate Email Address – we have also expanded the Search function to include alternate email addresses (if provided) of the people included in your folders. This will allow companies to search for and access profiles by either company or personal email addresses.
Update Adjusted Self – for clarity, we have renamed the AcuMax Index Reassessment function as Update Adjusted Self. This function is to be used whenever you wish to freshen or update the Adjusted Self results and is distinguished from trying to remedy invalid AcuMax survey results.
Remove Invalid Results – for clarity, we have renamed the Delete survey function as Remove Invalid Results. This is to be used when the survey taken is, for whatever reason, invalid and needs to be removed from the AcuMax system so that a replacement survey may be issued. Note: the Remove Invalid Results function is reserved to Company Administrators.
Folder Deletion – this functionality is now limited to deleting folders that have no information in them (e.g., People, Workspaces or Position Profiles). The change will prevent accidental deletion of information within folders. Note: the Folder Deletion function is reserved to Company Administrators.
Find Matching Positions – this functionality has been expanded to automatically report a candidate’s match upon survey completion to the Positions within your organization. To include this information in Notification upon survey completion, please select:  Admin – Company – Manage – Edit and check the box under State/Province/Region entitled Include Find Matching Positions in Index completion notice emails.
Multiple Addresses Notified upon Index Completion for Survey Links – this new functionality has been added. To list additional notification email recipients, please select:  Admin – Company – Manage – Edit and check the box entitled: Additional Notification Emails (listed below).
  • Valentine’s Day Fun Facts! 
  • It is believed that Valentine’s Day comes from a famous Pagan festival in Rome known as Lupercalia which originated in the 6th Century BCE.
  • At the end of 5th Century, St. Valentine was first recognized by the Church; in the 1300s, February 14th was officially declared as a holiday all over the world.
  • Nearly 6 million couples get married on Valentine’s Day each year.
  • In Latin American countries, the holiday is known as el dia de los enamorados (day of lovers) or dia del amor y la amistad (day of love and friendship) as a 2nd focus of the holiday is to show gratitude for friends.
  • Over 1 billion Valentine’s Days cards are exchanged each year.
  • Coincidence? Pencillin was discovered in 1925 on … Valentine’s Day!
AcuMax Invoices

AcuMax has switched to the Wave Accounting System. All new invoices will be emailed from AcuMax Index (mailer@waveapps.com). Please notify your IT Department to white list this email address. Any questions should be referred to Jeannie Schuelke (JeannieSchuelke@AcuMaxIndex.com).  Thanks!

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