Getting To Know You

High C employees like to affiliate with co-workers. When asked why, they often say that they spend as much time with co-workers as they do with their family members – shouldn’t I try to get to know my co-workers better? That can be difficult when many workplaces are still on some form of remote engagement. But here are 5 ideas to foster that inclination for High C affiliation:
Youth/Adult Picture Matchup Game
Ask employees to bring in a much younger picture of themselves and then challenge your staff to match all of the pictures to the corresponding adult in the workplace. It could turn out like this …..

Virtual Coffee Break
Set up a video conference with no agenda other than to socialize over a cup of coffee (or favorite beverage). Perfect for a Friday afternoon.
Escape Room
Schedule an offsite employee team building event at an Escape Room. Follow it up with pizza.
Call-in Before Video Meetings
Let it be known that employees who want to, can call-in 15 minutes before a scheduled video meeting just to reconnect and interact with one another before the meeting gets started. (Great for High B’s too).
Playing with Puppies
How about some community service? Many animal shelters want people to come in to interact with the animals. Maybe your employees wouldn’t mind spending time socializing with some needy puppies. (Warning: the shelters also like you to assist with cleaning as well in return). Community service activities are great to build bonds between employees.
Would your employees be interested in sharing their favorite recipes for a Company Cookbook?
What if your company held an “Everyone Must Wear a Hat” day or video conference?

What has your company done? Are there any creative ideas you would like to pass along?

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