How Human Hardwiring Impacts the Workplace

What is human hardwiring?
When we are born, we are born with our mental hardwiring. Hardwiring was once considered a controversial subject but is now accepted throughout the scientific community. Human hardwiring is also known as evolutionary psychology. It means we are genetically predisposed, and our wiring has a dramatic influence on who we are. Our hardwiring is consistent throughout our life.
Our wiring emerges when we are babies or toddlers and it remains within us, relatively unchanged, throughout our life. Hardwiring is different and distinct from our personality, behavior and skillsets. One mainly universal example of how our brains are innately wired would be how we are hardwired to try to avoid loss, especially when we are in a comfortable position. However, our wiring goes so much beyond what we think of as our basic human instincts, and it exists as our internal framework and roadmap. Our education, family, and maturity may exist over this framework, but they do not change it. They can impact aspects of our personality and behavior, but our core hardwiring remains unchanged.
Why does human hardwiring matter in the workplace?
Hardwiring dictates the type of environment in which a person is best equipped to thrive and succeed. A hardwiring profile can tell you how each person can best contribute to your organization and lets you know how to best manage and motivate them in ways that speak to their unique predispositions. All leaders have experienced that using the same leadership style across a large group of employees will have varied responses. This is because not everyone is hardwired to be managed the same way. Learning your team’s personalities in the workplace will help you understand how to best utilize your employees and create a more productive and highly aligned team.
How do you figure out how an employee is hardwired?
You can learn about how an employee is hardwired by having them take an employee assessment that is designed to measures a person’s primary wiring drivers based on their response to psychometric words. This is very different from a personality or behavior test, as those results measure the person in that moment in their life, not how they are hardwired, and the results can change drastically over time. The AcuMax Index measures candidates’ and employees’ hardwiring and gives you detailed reports. Connect with us to learn about how quick and easy it is to get these reports for candidates and current employees.

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