Get Full Participation

how to get participation in meetings

Before utilizing the AcuMax Index, “…I am sure I left tens of thousands of dollars worth of ideas on the table…”

Doug Price, Executive Coach, discusses the cost of not understanding how others are wired. AcuMax helps teams get full participation.

“One thing that I became extremely aware of was the cost associated with not understanding how other people are wired, and especially how I’m wired. For example, I would conduct meetings, and because I’m a verbal thinker, we’d get everything out in the open, we’d address where we’re headed, we’d define what we were going to do, we’d make assignments and everybody would move to execution.
The problem with that is I left every internal thinker in the room behind in the entire process, and so I ended up only getting participation from half the audience that I was addressing. I’m sure now I left tens of thousands of dollars worth of ideas on the table with those internal thinkers. AcuMax helped show me how to get participation in meetings.
AcuMax will give you an opportunity to address that and take full advantage of all the ideas that are contained in your employee base and the contributors that you have in your organization.”
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