How Well Do You Know Your Team?

How well do you know the person working next to you? You might be great friends, long time colleagues, know the name of their goldfish, but not know them as well as you think you do. Knowing how your colleagues are wired changes everything when it comes to working with someone. I am sure that you’ve heard the saying “that’s how it has always been done”, but knowing how something has been done in the past isn’t the same as knowing the best way to accomplish a task. By understanding how your team is wired, also known as their wiring profile, you can move past how you’ve always worked together to work together in the way that functions the best.
The way our brains are innately hard-wired influences almost every aspect of our personality and behavior. Knowing our innate wiring helps us understand our preferred way of processing information, engaging and communicating, and solving problems. These are all areas that determine success in a particular position and illuminate how we best work as part of a team. With the knowledge of someone’s wiring, we can recognize and appreciate what matters to them, how they communicate, and what they need.
Although you may not have any problems within your team, it doesn’t mean that they’re as optimized and efficient as they could be. AcuMax Experience is a program designed to highlight the interplay between wiring profiles in a series of facilitated interactive and fun team building activities. Rarely do opportunities exist to stop time and discuss a clash between wiring profiles, especially when teams are under pressure and facing tight deadlines. AcuMax Experience replicates common challenges in a series of fun custom team building events facilitated to enhance team performance. These customized team-building events are built around understanding your teams’ wiring profiles so that they can address the unique needs of your team best. Become more aware of how and when wiring profiles create inefficiencies and conflict when teamwork is most necessary in our corporate team building workshops. Our facilitated methodology also includes converting this awareness into more robust team performance.
AcuMax Experience offers three different custom team building options:

  1. Lab: Easy to administer DIY team building activities that are designed by AcuMax for you to facilitate outcomes and deliverables related to your team’s AI wiring profiles.
  2. Sim: Half or full-day experiences customized and facilitated by AcuMax simulate crucial moments such as leading a team to find a solution or dealing with problematic customers.
  3. Realtime Strategy: Longer and more intense challenge experiences facilitated by AcuMax open new vistas and take your team’s performance to an entirely new level.

The Lab and Sim options are easily done virtually, perfect for enhancing your remote teams. In our corporate team building workshops, your team is challenged with tasks that might not look anything like you have experienced in the workplace but are uniquely designed to trigger the same adversities stemmed from differences in wiring.

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