Improve Collaboration

Highlight individual strengths to improve collaboration

“We have become more of a team and we collaborate with each other constantly…”

Luz Glover, Accounting Manager, Oxford Management Group explains how AcuMax Profile helps improve collaboration and communication.

“We tried just meeting with individual employees and giving them feedback during their performance reviews, but it didn’t work. We have managers now more appreciative of the value their employees bring to the company. They are more able to coach the employees based on their AcuMax Profiles. We have become more of a team, and we collaborate with each other constantly, where as before we mostly operated independent of each other.
The owner of our company, for instance is very Low “D”, I’m very High “D”. When I want things from him, I email him and I tell him, “Two things,” and then I list one, two. Or, “Three things, one, two, three,” rather than do it in sentences like a High “D” person would do with a lot of information. I’ve learned to adjust to other people, not really sacrificing my High “D,” but making sure that when I interact with a Low “D” person, I get across the important information I need from them.”
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