IndustryWeek Features AcuMax Index

industryweek features acumax index

What I Learned From Taking the Employee Pre Hire Assessment Survey

What the employee PRE HIRE assessment can tell you about your job candidate—and why it’s important.

April 8, 2015
The AcuMax Index is featured in an IndustryWeek post by Patricia Moody, Blue Heron Journal.
“The assessment survey looked simple enough, a two page list of words, checkbox format, available online.
Without even thinking, I sat down to fill it out and, boom! I was done.
I’ve taken these surveys before—Personalysis (I jimmied it), some Meyer Briggs in grad school—I already knew what I was going to do after graduation.
But this one was different.
My friends John Sammut, CEO of Firstronic LLC, and Jay Hawreluk, CEO of AcuMax, told me it’s all about the wiring—and as a dyslexic, I definitely knew about the wiring—the programming that has to happen to complete new tasks.
But I have to say that at the conclusion of this process I felt that someone who knew me—my very opposite rocket scientist husband—had slipped them the answers. It was that accurate!”

It’s all in the wiring—what our brains are best set up to do—determines how well we fit certain jobs.”— James “Jay” Hawreluk, CEO, AcuMax

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