November Tip Sheet

A New Tool in Your Screening Arsenal …. Acumen!
Acumen is a mental agility test that measures an individual’s cognitive abilities. Such abilities often correlate to how quickly a person may learn, relate new to previously acquired information, understand complex concepts and problem solve. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions concerning Acumen:
Q.   What does it cost?
A.  Acumen is currently included with the standard AcuMax Index annual subscription.
Q.   Should I hire or place based solely on Acumen scores?
A.   No. As with all such cognitive measurements – it is not definitive. Scoring can be affected by variables such as academic experience, familiarity with similar assessments, test taking conditions, an individual’s persistence, socio-economic influences and more. Acumen should not be used as a “make it or break it” hiring or placement determination.
Q.   How should I use Acumen?
A.   Acumen should be used in conjunction with many other hiring and placement considerations in assessing skills, training needs and the knowledge required to perform and be successful in a specific job. The first step is to always match the candidate with the Position Profile. Then, Acumen Sector scores can be compared to occupational scores commonly required in an industry, but the greatest consideration should always be to the actual requirements for a particular job at your organization.
Q.   How is it scored?
A.   Acumen scores are divided into seven (7) ranges called Sectors which correlate to cognitive abilities. Higher Sector scores are generally reflective of greater cognitive ability and indicate higher learning capacity, greater problem-solving potential and increased mental wherewithal compared to lower Sector scores.
Q.   What kinds of questions are asked by Acumen?
A.   Acumen asks various questions in the areas of math, attention to detail, general knowledge and vocabulary.
Q.   How long does it take to complete the Acumen assessment?
A.   10 minutes. It is a timed assessment.
Q.   Who can access Acumen results?
A.   Only Company Administrators have access to Acumen results.
We recommend that you give Acumen a “test drive” and check it out for yourself. Knowledge is a powerful thing!
For our U.S. and Canadian Friends … Thanksgiving Funnies!
What do you get dividing a pumpkin’s circumference by its diameter?
Pumpkin pi
Why did the police arrest the turkey?
They suspected it of fowl play
If the pilgrims were alive today – what would they be famous for?
For being really old
What happened when the turkey got into a fight?
He got the stuffing knocked out of him
What are turkeys thankful for?
Why did the pilgrim’s pants fall down?
Because his belt buckle was on his hat
Trust me, I wanted to stop telling these Thanksgiving jokes earlier, but I couldn’t just quit “cold turkey”!
Thanksgiving is the only holiday where you get to eat the mascot!  Enjoy your Thanksgiving …. Your friends at AcuMax! 

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